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At least there’s Rhys: Padres 7 - Phillies 4

Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Neither Eickhoff nor Wood had his best stuff. That didn’t matter too much as they dueled to a near stalemate. Both left after 5 Innings and 92 pitches. Wood gave up 6 hits and 3 runs with an error getting another baserunner on (and a run), Eick gave up 5 hits and 2 runs (one of those runs also the result of an error). Eick didn’t have command of his fastball, though his Curve did well enough to rack up 5 K’s, including a few looking. If Eickhoff stays a 2-pitch Starter (average Fastball and Above average Curve), he may have faced his future tonight in inning eater, 5th starter Travis Wood.

After Eickhoff left the game Pinto got rear ended and exploded, giving up 4 runs in the 6th and a solo homer in the 7th. The walks came back to haunt Pinto as all of the guys he walked scored, though the one HBP was left on base in the 7th.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Rhys Hoskins arrived, big time last night. He launched a bomb in the 4th inning to give the Phillies a lead and again crushed a ball to nearly the same spot in the 7th to keep the game in reach.

Hitting him in the cleanup spot almost paid off in the 5th inning too as the Phils loaded the bases with 2 outs and Rhys hit a ball to Right Center. He just just underneath it, a few millimeters higher on the swing path and this game might have ended 8-7 Phillies instead. It’s nice to come out with some optimism after this mostly sloppy pile of junk of a game.

Source: FanGraphs