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The main reason Giancarlo Stanton probably isn’t coming to the Phillies.

On Episode 143 of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis speaks to 97.3 ESPN’s Frank Klose about the likelihood (or not) of Giancarlo Stanton ever coming to Philadelphia.

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Did Giancarlo Stanton just hit another five home runs? If he had, would it surprise anyone?

Baseball’s home run leader is on a tater blitz. He just won’t stop hitting longballs, and he might not stop until he hits 60. And yet, with a contract that still owes him just under $300 million for the next 10 years starting next year, the Miami Marlins are said to at least be exploring the possibility of trading Stanton at some point over the next few months.

Of course, the team is in the process of being sold to a group with Derek Jeter attached to it, and it’s unclear if the Marlins want to trade Stanton and free up some money, or if they want to build around him. And while the Phillies have the farm system to make a deal palatable to Miami as well as the payroll flexibility to absorb any, if not, all of Stanton’s deal moving forward, there are a ton of obstacles in their way.

The most important of which, and the hardest to hurdle, is Stanton’s no-trade clause, and his desire to play for a contender. Jeff Passan recently wrote for Yahoo! that Stanton cleared waivers and that four teams have expressed an interest in him.

My guess is the Phillies are one of them. But if Stanton wants to play for a contender, the Phils aren’t likely to be a team he’d agree to be traded to. At least, not now. After 2018? Maybe.

But the Phillies are in mid-August with a 1.5 game “lead” on the Chicago White Sox for the worst record in baseball. They still have a lot of work to do, and the playoffs are still probably at least two years away at the earliest. It would take a lot of convincing to get Stanton to waive his no-trade to play in Philadelphia.

On Episode 143 of The Felske Files, Phillies reporter for ESPN 97.3 and owner of the website, Frank Klose, joins the podcast to discuss Stanton, as well as a number of other issues...

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