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Rhys Hoskins: It is incredible

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I’ve been excited for a few things with the Phillies this year. Aaron Nola’s string of dominance in July and early August. Aaron Altherr’s return to health and solid play. And the debuts of of two guys who were red hot in Lehigh Valley, Nick Williams and Rhys Hoskins. That last item has gone so much better than anyone could have expected. While I don’t want to short Nick Williams, whose debut has been very good in it’s own right, Rhy’s debut went from a little bit of a fizzle the first few games to flat out incandescent the last 2 weeks. It seems really weird when he goes a day without a Home Run.

Well, today was not a weird day, Rhys got that - and the ball - squared away in the First Inning. After seeing this, I imagine Rhys is a fine golfer. I’m not even sure how he did that.

It’s difficult to step back and properly appreciate this in the moment. This is beyond not normal. In fact, this is pretty well beyond historic also.

In that case it’s a shame there aren’t about 85 games left in the season. It’s gotten to the point where the Phillies have run out of things to say about it on Twitter, well, run more out of things to say about it, at least.

If you feel like your day is incomplete without completely dominating your job, Rhys can’t relate.

Okay, so what if, like teenage me, he’s a bit pull happy?

Just think about this next tweet next time your boss is berating you. “Oh yeah, Brad? Do you know how awesome Rhys Hoskins is?” Then spike your stapler, grab a handful of pens and confidently walk off. “I’ll be at Chuck E. Cheese eating pizza if anyone needs me.”

And, of course, remember: This is special. Enjoy it dammit.