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Bombs away — Angels 7, Phillies 0


MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because it’s after 1am on the East Coast and the Phillies lost.

Yup, they lost to the Angels 7-0, and it was over pretty early. After having such a great outing on July 28, Jake Thompson regressed hard. He gave up all seven Angel runs in one single inning: the third. It was bad. So, so bad. It started with a double, and then an error allowed the run to score. And then Mike Trout hit a two-run home run and we were off to the races. With the score 3-0, Albert Pujols singled, went to second on a groundout, and then scored on an Andrelton Simmons single. Think it’s over? It’s not. Then C.J. Cron hit a two-run home run, and the score was 6-0. Sigh. Right after, Kaleb Cowart hit a solo shot to bring the score to 7-0, and seriously, what is a Kaleb Cowart?

Thompson went five innings total, because Pete Mackanin didn’t pull him after the third. And when a pitcher gives up seven runs in a single inning and he keeps on pitching, you know that start belongs to him. He didn’t give up any more runs, but the damage had been done. The only way this could have been avoided is if Mack took him out midway through the third. And there was no way he was going to do that. And once he’d given up all those runs, how much worse could it really get?

(It’s late, so I’m asking all the existential questions tonight.)

As for the Phillies, they did get six hits on the night, and they had a few chances to score, but nothing ever came of it. JC Ramirez was in total control throughout his eight-inning (?!!?!?) outing. No Phillies player crossed the plate tonight, and we were all left yearning for the imaginary, make believe, made-up time in which Mike Trout will be on the Phillies. It will probably never happen, but in a game like this, it’s all you have. The only thing you can do is squint at the screen while you’re watching Mike Trout make a great catch and imagine he’s wearing those solid red Phillies tops instead of an Angels uniform.

Tomorrow’s another day. And it’ll be a day when the Phillies try not to get swept. Let’s hope they’re up to the challenge.