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Phillies news & links — Did a cheater just get traded?

Ricky Bo makes a weird non-accusation, and the Phillies make some crappy history.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Angels Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you for joining us for this Friday edition of news & links! With a week full of such heavy, unpleasant news, let’s do something light for Friday.

Ricky Bottalico accuses a recent Phillies player of cheating

Yup, that’s just the light news I was looking for.

This happened Thursday night on CSN Philly, and my good friend Jeff caught it all.

Jeff later realized that the woman he’d identified as Leslie Gudel was actually Amy Fadool Kane, but everything else was right. And he had the video to prove it.

So what the hell is Ricky Bo saying here? Is he actually, seriously saying that one of the pitchers that the Phillies just traded had been doctoring the ball? It seems that way. There’s just no way for us to know who he’s talking about or if it’s true. There is a defined set of players who were traded at the deadline, and it includes three pitchers: Joaquin Benoit, Jeremy Hellickson, and Pat Neshek. I’m not going to speculate as to who it could have been, since it could be 100% untrue. Plus, Ricky offered no evidence of any kind, he just let a ridiculous accusation slip from his mouth for no reason other than to get the audience to go “WHAAAA?”

Ricky Bo, if you have evidence, let it be known. Otherwise, it’s a bad idea to let unfounded accusations out on live TV.

Oakland Athletics can’t outrun the Philadelphia Athletics’ financial history

The always fantastic Ken Arneson wrote a post on his blog about the Athletics, and how their recent trade of Sonny Gray is in line with their troubled financial history. Connie Mack didn’t believe in the concept of the farm system, and in some ways, they’ve been playing catch-up ever since. Give it a read, it’s really great.

The Phillies made some (bad, terrible) history

Hey everyone, the Phillies set a record!

Womp womp. Yup, the Phillies lost to the Angels last night, and they’ve lost to the Angels a lot. They’ve lost enough to set a record. In a season filled with dubious accomplishments, this one might be the dubious-est. This really puts the whole thing in perspective.

At least it’s over, right?

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Have a great weekend, all.