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Game Thread 8/8: Phillies at Braves

Thank god it’s only a two-game series.

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Off-days are great. Everyone gets to take a breather. The players get a chance to rest up, and the fans can do something else with their lives for a night. In a season like this, I treasure the off-days like they’re precious gems: beautiful, rare, and not to be shared.

But there’s a bad side to off-days. The Phillies won their last game in Colorado, and were feeling pretty good about themselves. 48 hours later, does anyone even remember that? When was Sunday? Who even ARE the Phillies?

Oh wait, I remember. They’re these guys.

Today's Lineups

Cesar Hernandez - 2B Ender Inciarte - CF
Freddy Galvis - SS Brandon Phillips - 3B
Daniel Nava - LF Freddie Freeman - 1B
Maikel Franco - 3B Nick Markakis - RF
Odubel Herrera - CF Kurt Suzuki - C
Tommy Joseph - 1B Matt Adams - LF
Nick Williams - RF Johan Camargo - SS
Cameron Rupp - C Ozzie Albies - 2B
Zach Eflin - RHP Julio Teheran - RHP

Ooh look! We have a surprise guest! With Andrew Knapp on the DL (::sob::), the Phillies had room to bring up Zach Eflin. And he’s starting tonight! What an unexpected, uh, treat. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it. An unexpected treat. Because who knows, he could surprise us.

Discuss the game in the comments below.