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Rhys Hoskins is really excited about Rhys Lightning Night

He’s giving away tickets and having a ball doing it.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park is Rhys Lightning Night. Rhys Hoskins, who has played 34 games with the Phillies, already has his own night. That’s what happens when you spend those 34 games hitting 18 home runs.

Hoskins is obviously super psyched about getting his own night. And he’s been spreading the love on Twitter. He put out a caption challenge a few days ago, asking fans to submit their best caption to a carefully chosen picture.

On Friday afternoon he chose a few winners, who will probably be sad to find out that winning these tickets doesn’t entitle them to a hug from Hoskins and his arms of glory.

Here are the winning entries.

(Can personally relate.)

(This is obviously trying to appeal to Rhys’ love of his alma mater but I’ll let it pass.)

(Pizza rolls are pretty great.)

(You can tell that Rhys was in college not too long ago.)

(This is obviously the best one.)

Hoskins wasn’t done, though. He had more tickets left to give away.

Yes, Rhys Hoskins gave out tickets to adorable children and their parents. Rhys Hoskins, man of the people, hero of the people.

Now maybe he’ll find it in his heart to give an autograph to his teammate Cam Perkins.

Just kidding Rhys LOVE YOU!