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Phillies news & links: The kids are here and they won’t be stopped

J.P. Crawford makes his debut, Nick Williams and Rhys Hoskins are killing it, Ben Lively can rake, and Matt Imhof is doing alright.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

So, did anything important happen last night? Something that we as fans have been waiting for since 2013? OH YEAH.

J.P. Crawford had a great night

Oh man, seeing J.P. Crawford on the field last night was just the best. And do you think he was nervous during his first ever major league at-bat?

My heart is already full and there’s just so much more to cover. Like his actual first major league hit!

And do you wanna see how the shortstop did at third base? I know you do.

This little moment, caught by Chris Jones (as so many of our moments have been and well be), is my everything.

That little sigh! It’s like “I did it. I made it through my first game.” And J.P. was appreciative, because he’s awesome.

Just the first of many great days, buddy. I’m so happy.

Phillies put a hurting on Jacob deGrom

I didn’t think anything could be better than J.P. Crawford’s major league debut, but I was wrong, because the Phillies annihilated Jacob deGrom last night and it was GLORIOUS.

That tweet makes me so happy that I’m gonna give it to you in another way

YE. And it happened just as it should have: Rhys Hoskins and Nick Williams absolutely killed it, as they have since they’ve been in the majors.

God I’m so happy. I’m just so happy.

Oh, and Ben Lively can rake

Ben Lively had a great night on the mound (read more about it in last night’s recap), but he also had fantastic night at the plate. He went two-for-four AND ALSO HIT A HOME RUN.



Matt Imhof is gonna be okay

A few weeks ago, I thought idly to myself “I wonder what Matt Imhof is up to. I hope he’s doing okay.” Matt Gelb of answered my question in an article he published yesterday. Imhof, once a Phillies pitching prospect, lost an eye in a freak exercise band accident, effectively ending his baseball career and leaving him to pick up the pieces of his life. His life without baseball, what he’d been doing and working toward for years and years.

It’s an excellent, sensitive, emotional piece. Imhof struggled for awhile to figure out what to do next, and he had a lot of emotions to work through. It takes a lot of courage to move on with his life the way he has, but it also takes a lot of courage to honestly share that journey with others. I’m grateful that he did it, because we seldom get to hear those stories from people who have had to move on from baseball.

Good luck in the future, Matt Imhof. You’ve got all of us pulling for you.

Elsewhere in baseball, the Red Sox are dirty dirty cheaters

I couldn’t resist this because I love baseball drama, especially petty, petty baseball drama between the Red Sox and Yankees, two of the pettiest teams in baseball. The Red Sox have been using Apple Watches to steal signs from the Yankees (and possibly other teams, but mostly the Yankees). The New York Times had the exclusive story, and holy crap, it’s pretty insane. And like so many times in the past calendar year, the New York Daily News really, really shone brightly.

Marry me, New York Daily News.

It came out yesterday that while this is clearly cheating, Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski doesn’t think that sign stealing is wrong.

And Rob Manfred doesn’t think this is a big deal.

When millionaire executives cheat, it’s totally fine. But when someone accidentally takes a banned substance, WHOA IT’S TIME TO SUSPEND HIM FOREVER. Go jump in a lake Rob Manfred, you pathetic puppet man. What a waste of a commissioner. Bart Giamatti weeps. (Also, how is Dunkin’ Donuts loving that product placement? Dunkin’ Donuts, the official breakfast stop of cheaters and feckless corporate figureheads!)

Song of the day

Because we’re nearing the end of the season, which means that things like highlights and news will be in short supply, I thought I’d start sharing a piece of media I’m consuming. Yes, media! So exciting! Song, podcast, TV show, book, etc. And I encourage you to share what you’re currently consuming in the comments below!

Today’s song: Xanadu by Electric Light Orchestra.

I can hear you rolling your eyes and scrolling past. BUT STOP. Don’t think. Just listen. I promise it will make your day better. I’ve listened to it three times this morning and I’m ready to take on the world and crush nazis and injustice with the power of my swelling heart, like one of the Care Bears. I’m mixing my media properties, but you get the point. ELO is amazing and if you listen, I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.