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TGP 2017 MiLB Bold Predictions: Revisited

Did the prospects staff cash in on their picks?

Eliot Swartz

At the beginning of the season, Victor, Cormican and I decided to play a little game of what outlandish (and some outright crazy) predictions could we make going into the minor league season. They can be viewed here in their entirety, but we’ll surmise below if it actually came true.

Victor’s Bold Predictions:

1. Sixto Sanchez is the Phillies’ top prospect by season’s end - CORRECT!

Yep, this happened. As the local braintrust here came to the conclusion a month ago, Sixto Sanchez is the Phillies top prospect.

2. The Iron Pigs actually won’t be that good, in a way - CORRECT!

Another one spot on. While the Lehigh Valley IronPigs cruised through the first half of the season, they started seeing their play slip as prospects such as Nick Williams, Jorge Alfaro, Rhys Hoskins and Nick Pivetta make the jump to the big leagues. However, LHV showed their resiliency and wound up securing the last wildcard spot in the final game of the season.

3. It’s a huge year for the Reading outfield - CORRECT!

You getting goosebumps? Because I know I sure am. Carlos Tocci and Andrew Pullin had the breakout season of their careers and saw promotions to AAA.

4. Mark Appel has a rough start, but then finds his calling - WRONG!

Don’t we all as Phillies fans wish this one were true. Mark Appel sure struggled, but it was for much longer than just the start of the season. In the final month of the season, after a long stint on the disabled list, Appel will make his debut in the bullpen for a playoff IronPig squad.

5. This is the end of Dusty Wathan’s time in the minors - WRONG!

Pete is still here...for now. It doesn’t appear he is going anywhere anytime soon. Whatever you might think of Dusty Wathan, he’ll probably be managing in AAA next season.

Final Score: 3 for 5

Cormican’s Bold Predictions:

1. A new Phillies Top 5 Prospects and more! - WRONG!

This one is probably juuuuust...a bit off, especially with the way Moniak’s season has gone.

2. Roman Quinn will get called up in May and be a popular pick for NL Rookie of the Year... - WRONG!

In typical Roman Quinn fashion, he didn’t even make it out of May before sliding on the DL for the rest of the season. RIP

3. Jose Pujols will set the new Threshers franchise record for Home Runs... - WRONG!

Perhaps partial credit could be given here? He hit .192, but only had a disappointing 8 homers after 24 the previous season in Lakewood.

4. Jhailyn Ortiz will finish the year with the Threshers... - WRONG!

Not only did Cord Sandberg find new life this season, Jhailyn Ortiz didn’t advance past Short-Season ball. This isn’t a slight to Ortiz, who had an absolutely magnificent season and is a bona fide top prospect in the system.

5. The Paul Owens award will be won by Yukon Cornelius Randolph and, in continuing the tradition of giving it to a future journeyman pitcher, Tyler Viza - WRONG!

With the announcement today of Scott Kingery and Tom Eshelman winning their respective awards for hitting and pitching, Cornelius Randolph and Tyler Viza had vastly different seasons. The latter is org. fodder and isn’t a very good pitcher. The former showed some signs of still having a very good bat with a superb June and July.

Final Score - 0 for 5

Jay’s Bold Predictions:

1. Nick Williams is the first outfielder called up to the big leagues - WRONG!

The Phillies ruined this prediction by stupidly promoting Cam Freakin’ Perkins 10 days prior to giving Nick Williams a chance.

2. Carlos Tocci hits 10 HRs in Reading - WRONG!

LOL, what was I thinking with this one. He had just 3 homeruns this season (2 with Reading), but otherwise mastered Eastern League pitching to the tune of a .307 batting average.

3. One of Mark Appel, Ben Lively or Ricardo Pinto leave the organization via trade - WRONG!

Well, Appel was injured and/or bad the whole season, Ben Lively is Ben Lively and Ricardo Pinto was shoved into the bullpen due to inconsistent starts.

4. Alberto Tirado plays for the Phillies - WRONG!

Way, way too bold there dumb, naive Jay. Tirado started the season with a ton of promise, but then slowly devolved into the pitcher we know. He walked A TON of dudes and was pushed back into a reliever role.

5. Mickey Moniak is a top 10 prospect in baseball - WRONG!

Hey, I had dreams damnit! Yep, nope not touching this one.

Final Score - 0 for 5


All praise your new prospect overlord, Victor Filoromo. Catch you folks next year with more zany guesses.