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Circus music: Nationals 4, Phillies 3

One terrible play turns this game from bad to semi-memorable.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

So let’s start with the good here. The Phillies lost 4-3 to the Nationals, but it was just 4-3. Aaron Nola was fine, though he threw a lot of pitches through 5.1 innings. He allowed seven hits, but struck out eight. Three runs and two earned runs. Not bad.

Tommy Joseph hit a home run. If it earns him a spot on the Phillies in 2018, I will scream. That being said, the homer was pretty righteous. When Tommy gets ahold of a ball, it can really fly.

Jorge Alfaro hit his first home run of the year, and look at him swing that bat. Just look at it!


And speaking of swoon, Freddy Galvis.

I know it looks a little like Trea Turner isn’t out, but the call was challenged and upheld. That’s all that matters. And I’ll admit this: I’m worried that this is going to force J.P. Crawford into a permanent spot at third base, but Freddy has a way about him. I will always love watching him.

One more great thing: Odubel Herrera continued his hitting streak. He’s at 20 games now, the longest streak in the majors this season. Hell yes.

And now we come to the bad. Adam Morgan sort of fell apart. He allowed two of Nola’s runners to score when he took over in the sixth, and then gave up one all by himself. It was a three-run inning, and it ended up losing the Phillies the game. Even good relievers are bad sometimes. I still love you, Adam Morgan.

Now, about Cesar Hernandez.

Yeah. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Cesar forgot how to play baseball. The Nats had runners on first and second with one out. When Wilmer Difo hit a hot shot toward third, Galvis snagged it and tossed it Cesar to get the forceout. So he got it, and the runner leaving second jumped back. But the runner on first was standing right there, too. And Cesar, forgetting what was going on, leaped forward to tag him. Satisfied that two outs had been gotten, he and everyone else started to run off the field.

But the umpires gathered and called everyone back. Because Cesar had only gotten on out on the play.

Where did he go wrong?

Correct! The forceout only applied to the runner on first who was going to second. The guy on second who was going to third was actually safe when he jumped back, so Cesar actually got the same out twice.

It was not a good moment. It didn’t end up doing any permanent damage, but it was embarrassing. I heard circus music for the rest of the night.

So the Phillies lost, and they have three more games left in D.C. Let’s all stay strong.