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Game Thread 9/9: Phillies at Nationals

Oh Rhys, what can you do for me today?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies take on the Nationals again in game 142, which means this is the 142nd time the Phillies have played the Nationals in 2018. Here are your lineups:

Today's Lineups

Cesar Hernandez - 2B Trea Turner - SS
Freddy Galvis - SS Howie Kendrick - LF
Nick Williams - RF Daniel Murphy - 2B
Rhys Hoskins - 1B Ryan Zimmerman - 1B
Odubel Herrera - CF Anthony Rendon - 3B
Maikel Franco - 3B Michael Taylor - CF
Hyun Soo Kim - LF Alejandro De Aza - RF
Cameron Rupp - C Raudy Read - C
Mark Leiter - RHP Edwin Jackson - RHP

No JP Crawford tonight, as he’s too old to be playing this many games in a row. I kid, of course. It truly has to be hard for Mackanin to make out lineu......I can’t even make a straight face. As I wrote before, Crawford should be playing every day, but with tonight’s lineup, I’m not sure where. He’ll just have to take a night off. Good, I guess. Also, no Tommy Joseph this evening. At least there’s that.

My only qualm with this lineup is Odubel Herrera hitting 5th and Freddy Galvis hitting second....again. I’m just not seeing it. A guy with a .307 OBP should be hitting that high in the order. The two hole is usually where a team wants its best hitter. Herrera has a strong case as being just such a player in his lineup (if you said Rhys Hoskins, I wouldn’t argue), but I just don’t see why Galvis has such a foothold there. Sure, statistically, it’s been the spot in which he has performed the best (.278/.329/.394), but if it came down to who gets an extra at bat late in a tight game, I’d rather see Odubel than Freddy. That’s just me.

Tonight, they are facing Edwin Jackson, who last I checked, was pitching for his 300th team tonight. Congratulations, Edwin!

I’ll just leave these two tidbits here, in case you missed them. First, for all you Odubel-haters:

And, here’s another amazing feat by Rhys:

Enjoy the game, and discuss below!