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Hey! We can use MLB gifs now!

Since (I suppose) we all have express written consent to use these little nuggets, let’s see what MLB and the Phillies have to offer

MLB: Spring Training-Media Day
“Uggggggghhhhh....I guess I’ll let you little punks use our pictures.”
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Gifs are fun. They are perfect for this generation and their lack of attention span since they can tell a whole story in about 3-4 seconds. Most places, you can make your own gif of something you find funny and post. Not with baseball, however, no, sir. Without express written consent, you could not use anything from a baseball telecast that might grow the game for a younger generation.

Yet now - rejoice! Gone are the days of MLB’s draconian rules regarding their usage of gifs and videos that show action during an actual game. We’re now allowed to take snippets from these games and use them on social media! Huzzah!

We all know what happened if one had tried to use them before. You’d post a harmless tweet, one that might contain one of these short snippets from the game, and all of a sudden, you’re hit with a message from MLB higher ups, demanding that the use of the gif/video isn’t allowed and must be taken down.

Now, I guess we’re allowed to use them after all, since there is a whole hub available to even the most casual of fan! Which is awesome, since I like gifs. They make me laugh, especially if used correctly. So, being the curious fan I am, I went searching to see what they have to offer. Below are some of the more interesting offerings among the 1,170 results you get when you type in “Phillies”.

Let’s lead off with a little something...interesting.

We’ve all grown accustomed to the Phanatic doing his pelvic gyrations. It’s part of his schtick that makes him lovable, yet still teetering on the border of creepy. Where we get into the weirdness is not Jimmy Rollins (who totally looks natural doing this), but Larry Bowa. Doing, well whatever it is he is doing, Bowa looks as though he was rejected from a production of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” since his pelvic thrust isn’t quite up to snuff. This is terrifying. Let’s move on.

Franklyn Kilome is a pitching prospect that seem to have been left behind in the Sixto Sanchez craze. While Sanchez projects to be something special, Kilome is no slouch himself. Sure, he has some things to iron out (command, third pitch, etc.), there is still some real excitement to be had over this young man. This gif of his curveball is one of those things. I mean, you can almost feel how much this Uncle Charley is breaking the batter’s soul, causing him to forget basic baseball skill as he tries to swing at the pitch while the catcher carries it towards the dugout in his mitt. It’s like he’s thinking to himself, “Man, I should at least attempt to hit the pitch. I’ll swing......NOW!” I really hope Kilome figures it out.

Were these celebrations by Cam Perkins the highlights of the season? Well, outside of Rhys Hoskins and his Babe Ruth imitations, you could argue that maybe yes, they were. I just love them.

What did the Phillies often make you want to do when watching them during the past few seasons before 2017’s second half? Yeah, me too.

Apparently, the Phillies once had a guy named Taylor Featherston on the team. And apparently, he’s really strong because he tore the cover off of the ball. Normally, you’d expect a ball that has the cover torn off to travel well over 400 feet. This one looks it barely made it 90. Man I’m glad the rebuild is just about over.

That’s pretty much it. There are lots and lots of highlights that can help you take a trip down memory lane while you thaw out from this past deep freeze we just went through.

And, to cap it all off, I present a blast from the past.

KEVIN FREAKIN’ MILLWOOD. Totally forgot about that guy.