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Hittin’ Season #217: Final thoughts on the 2018 Phillies

The 2018 season is over, and before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look back.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On Episode 217 of “Hittin’ Season,” hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss the end of the 80-82 2018 Phillies season, which culminated in a series win against the Atlanta Braves in the final series of the season against the Atlanta Braves.

Topics include:

  • Our general impressions of the season as a whole.
  • What caused the Phillies to collapse in August and September.
  • How bad/good was Gabe Kapler’s first year as manager?
  • Kapler is THE face of the franchise, but is that a good thing?
  • This roster needs new life, both in terms of talent and personality.
  • An appreciation of Aaron Nola and the incredible statistics he put up this season.
  • We preview the upcoming MLB playoffs — including two Game 163s today!
  • Your rooting interests power rankings for the AL and NL playoffs.

Stream it on the media player or click here if the player doesn’t load!