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Hittin’ Season #220: Phillies mailbag: Maikel Franco, fixing the D, & trading for Trout

The Phillies have a lot of issues to deal with this off-season, chief among them, improving the defense, who will play third and can the Phils swing a deal for Mike Trout?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

On Episode #220 of “Hittin ‘Season,” hosts John Stolnis and Liz Roscher answer your mailbag questions regarding the Phillies upcoming off-season. Which Phils players will be kept and which will go? Will Bryce Harper or Manny Machado come to Philly? What about a Mike Trout trade? And LOTS more!

On this episode, we took questions from our $10/month Patreon supporters as well as a few Twitter questions. If you would like to get priority position and make sure your questions are answered in future mailbag episodes, sign up to that $10/month tier right here!

Topics include:

  • How the Phillies can help themselves by getting their radio and TV people to speak the same language as the staff on the field.
  • The chances Carlos Santana becomes the full-time third baseman next season, and therefore, the chances Rhys Hoskins ends up at first base.
  • Would Pete Mackanin have done a better job with this group?
  • Our trust level of the front office heading into a huge off-season.
  • Will the Phillies go hard after both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, despite what Andy MacPhail said last week?
  • How we feel about the Phils potentially “buying” their way into contention.
  • Why a Mike Trout trade isn’t as crazy as it once seemed — what would need to happen for it to work out.
  • AND Twitter mailbag questions from @ckeller29, @Lcd_philly22, @psulax5699, & @kmg5567.

Stream it on the media player or click here if the player doesn’t load!