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Phillies daily links: 11/15/2018

Welcome back to the daily links section that will hopefully be a daily thing!

Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 6 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Greetings folks! Once again, we are going to fire up the daily links post where we scour the internet for all things Phillies related. With the offseason acting like a lawnmower at the beginning spring, struggling to get started, we’ll look at some of the things being written about our hometown nine.

Here at The Good Phight

Other Phillies news:

MLB esoterica:

  • Hey, the Cy Young awards were announced. You’ve got Blake Snell from the American League (voting here) and Jacob deGrom from the National League (voting here). The voting isn’t too bad, except for that guy who put deGrom second. I mean c’mon. Even if you aren’t a fan of Brian Kenny, the win is kind of dea, folks.
  • The MVP voting is announced today. In the American League, I’m going to go with Mookie Betts, while in the National League, it should be Aaron Nola Christian Yelich. It should be interesting to see if Nola does get any down ballot votes.

We’ll have more tomorrow. If you ever see any links that are Phillies related, you can email them to me (witte dot ethan at gmail dot com) or via Twitter (@ethan_witte). Until next time....