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Phillies daily links: 11/16/2018

So let’s sing a song of cheer again/Happy days are here again”

Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 1 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

As we dig out from the snow apocalypse that happened here in the Philadelphia area yesterday, we can begin to think fun thoughts about the offseason.

Here at The Good Phight:

Other Phillies news:

  • The people at MLB Trade Rumors have tried to come up with some destinations for Carlos Santana in 2019 and beyond. This seems to be a hot topic now because of Ken Rosenthal’s report about his availability and also because it seems no one like Santana. Poor guy. I guess pushing cars up a hill in the offseason just isn’t Philly enough these days. Personally, of all the places mentioned, I think Minnesota makes the most sense. I’d do a Santana + salary relief for Byron Buxton. Make it happen, Klentak.
  • Ah yes, just what we need. Another “Let’s base our entire 5 year plan on a player who probably will never leave where he is now” piece by a columnist. Seriously, the writer of this column believes that signing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper now would be a mistake because Mike Trout might want to come to Philadelphia when he is a free agent. Must be that time again where there aren’t enough original ideas so we have to write about Trout again. I’ll make a deal with all of you columnists/writers/Phillies cover-ers. If you don’t write anything about Mike Trout joining the Phillies between now and the trading deadline of next season, I will buy you a pencil. Or maybe a highlighter. Depends on my mood.

MLB esoterica:

  • Your MVPs are here. In the National League, it was Christian Yelich claiming the award (voting results here) and in the American League, Mookie Betts brought home the hardware (voting results here). Nothing really surprising. I guess the only thing that was interesting about was that Aaron Nola finished in 13th place with 16 points, including two 7th place votes. And neither of those votes came from Philadelphia writers. It’s nice that some people acknowledge the season he had. I’m sure someone will cover this here later.
  • MLB and Fox Sports have reached a new deal on broadcasting rights. It’s for $5.1 billion. American. That’s a lot of money. It’s also a lot of airtime for John Smoltz to whine about baseball. We are also that much closer to this.
  • Can we start with the trades already?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and drink the six gallons of milk, eat 4 dozen eggs and freeze the 12 loaves of bread I bought yesterday afternoon. Until next time...