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The 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is crawling with Phillies

New names, old names, and a whole lot of greatness.

NLCS Workout Session Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Do you like honoring the greatest to ever play your favorite sport and petty, sniping arguments? Well, hooray for you, because Baseball Hall of Fame debate time is here again, started by the release of the 2019 Hall of Fame ballot.

Get ready for the legacies of all of your heroes to be raised to absurd highs and kicked to absurd lows, depending on the personal opinions of writers who knew them only fleetingly. And while you’re getting ready for that, we’ve parsed the list of all its Phillies, and broken them down for you here.

Roy Halladay

  • 8x All-Star, 2x Cy Young winner
  • Had best SO/W and BB9 from 2009-11
  • Led league in complete games seven times
  • 3.38 ERA, 2,117 SO, 592 BB, 65.5 WAR in 13 seasons
  • 3.25 ERA, 1,495 SO, 455 BB, 17 WAR in four season with Phillies
  • Once made a face so intense after a home run wrecked his no-hitter in the ninth, Bobby Higginson burst into flames while circling the bases
  • Threw no-hitter in first ever playoff appearance
  • Perfect game vs. Marlins, 5/29/2010
  • Still has most complete games in baseball since 2009

Freddy Garcia

  • Was once acquired by Phillies

Placido Polanco

  • 3x Gold Glove winner, 2010 All-Star
  • “All he does is hit”
  • Traded to allow for safe passage of Chase Utley into permanent position, returned when Philadelphia needed a third baseman

Michael Young

  • 7x All-Star, 2008 Gold Glove winner, finished in top ten AL MVP voting twice
  • Rumored to have played defense prior to arriving in Philadelphia
  • Extremely good Twitter follow and person

Roy Oswalt

  • 5x Cy Young top five finisher, 3x All-Star
  • 3.36 ERA, 1,852 SO, 520 BB for career; 2.96 ERA, 166 SO, 54 BB as part of terrifying Phillies 2010-11 rotation
  • Once had great time playing left field

Juan Pierre

  • Led the league in stolen bases three times: 2001 (46), 2003 (65), 2010 (68)
  • Also led the league in getting caught stealing seven times.
  • Played in 162 games every year from 2003-07, led league in hits twice: 2004 (221) and 2006 (204)
  • Selfless in sacrifices, leading the league four times
  • Did not lead a league in something in only four out of 14 years of his career
  • Fast

Scott Rolen

  • 1997 NL Rookie of the Year, 7x All-Star, 8x Gold Glove winner, 2002 Silver Slugger
  • Hit .281.364.490, 316 HR in 17-year career; .282/.373/.504, 150 HR with Phillies in seven seasons
  • Did not want to play in Philadelphia
  • Was probably right to not want to play in Philadelphia

Billy Wagner

Curt Schilling

  • Worse person