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Phillies daily links: 11/27/18

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Bruce Ruffin winds up to pitch Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We’re baaaaaack.

Another day, another set of links. Are they good ones? Are they bad? Will the trade rumors make you sad? Can the Twitter-ings make one mad? If I say no more rhymes, will you be glad?

Please make this offseason get started....

On to the links!

Here at The Good Phight:

  • You’ll have to pardon us, folks. We’ve been a little busy. TGP content will resume this week.

Other Phillies news:

  • MLB Trade Rumors finally got around to the Phillies in their offseason outlook series. I always find these to be interesting reads. They’re very detailed and go into the variety of ways this offseason can go for each team. Since the Phillies have a number of ways their own offseason can go, this gets pretty involved.
  • Well, apparently, the Phillies have a thing for first basemen. Jayson Start is reporting that the team looked into Paul Goldschmidt.

Corey Seidman looked at this deal and how it would affect the Phillies. Yeah...I just...I don’t get it. Personally, I think these rumors are being floated out there by someone on the Phillies front office in order to get Harper and Machado to get moving.

MLB esoterica:

  • The Braves are making some moves. First, they began their day by welcoming back old friend Brian McCann on a one year deal, then they followed that up by bringing in one of the big names on the market, Josh Donaldson, on a one year, $23 million deal. I don’t know how to feel about these moves. I think getting McCann over Kurt Suzuki is a push at best, and if they believe Donaldson is healthy, than a one year deal is great. I also think this means they are more likely to pursue someone like Madison Bumgarner in a trade over another player with more control.
  • The Twins claimed C.J. Cron off of waivers from Tampa Bay. At first, I figured this took them out of the Carlos Santana market, but I’m not so sure. It just gives them a better bargaining position with the Phillies as they have cheaper more options now to cover the loss of Joe Mauer.
  • Want a second baseman that is old, makes a lot of money and probably won’t be a second baseman much longer? Call up Jerry DiPoto then!

That’s it. Not much else going on. Until next time...