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Phillies daily links: 11/28/18

Where rumors run about with nary a sense of thought...

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Phillies V Giants

Well yesterday was fun huh? We got some interesting news out there, some baseball celebrity sightings here in Philadelphia, and a real head scratcher of a trade rumor that is percolating out of Seattle. To the links!

Here at The Good Phight:

Other Phillies news:

  • The big news of the day was Patrick Corbin was in town as the Phillies made their free agent pitch to the lefty. Justin talks about it here and others have weighed in as well. Don’t get me wrong - I’d love to see him come here. He’d be a solid signing with the team as he wouldn’t have to carry the burden of being a team’s ace if he signs with the Phillies. I just feel like once he gets to the Yankees, he won’t leave that building a free agent any longer.
  • In the former Phillies file, Doug Glanville writes for the Athletic ($) about what it’s like for a veteran who is fighting Father Time to go through an offseason as a free agent. This is such a good read by a really talented guy who would probably make a really good announcer for a local TV broadcast.
  • Joel Sherman writes about how the Phillies - the PHILLIES - are the team most likely to hold up the free agent market. This is just a wonderful sentence to write.

MLB esoterica:

  • You want rumors? We got your rumors right here. Apparently, the Mets and Mariners are talking about a doozy of a deal. By now you’ve probably seen it - the Mets would get Robinson Cano and either Edwin Diaz or Mitch Haniger and the Mariners would get salary relief a top prospect, Jay Bruce as salary ballast, and.....magic beans? Seriously, this is the type of stuff that the commissioner’s office should be looking into, teams openly tanking just to rid themselves of money.
  • Speaking of the commissioner, he just announced a new deal with MGM that enters the league into the gambling world. The weirdest thing is how, after months of vociferously fighting about speeding the game up, Rob Manfred now thinks that the slow pace of play might be a good thing for baseball. Sheesh...

Until next time...