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A Phillies gift idea

Looking for something for Phillies fan in your life? Here is a possible idea

Houston Astros v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Every year around this time, we look for something to get that special Phillies fan in our lives. While we might look for something unique, it becomes really hard and we just end up doing a mug or pint glass and say, “Hey that’s different!” to try and justify to ourselves that we were pretty lazy. We could have put some more effort into it.

This year, I’d encourage you to try out a box from Sports Crate. They had contacted me about my interest with looking through a box and seeing what they had to offer. When I got it, we (me and my son) were pleasantly surprised at what we got. We took a video of it and tried to post it...

....but then my phone took a dump and we lost it. Yeah.

Luckily, before we lost that, I was able to post a few pics on Twitter about it.

So what do you get from the box? From the first picture, you’ll see a legit nice box that we have used for lots of stuff, including starting a baseball card collection for my son. The first one he got? Rhys Hoskins. Next, there is a solid Phillies wallet for all of your card carrying needs. Going along with it is a really nice t-shirt that is a baseball-style (3/4 length sleeves) that I’ve worn out already. The big one is the lunch box that we got that I absolutely love. With my regular job, I needed something to bring to school and this was perfect. Lastly, the buttons. All of them have the old school Phillies logo along with Phil and Phyllis pictures. All in all, a really cool gift.

Now the nice thing is that for this Christmas season, you can go to and use the code GOODPHIGHT30 to get 30% off of your order. It’s a really good deal. I’d encourage to consider it this Christmas season!