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Phillies poking around trade market with Rockies, Mariners

A couple of connections were made to the Phillies on Friday afternoon in regards to some players of interest.

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

There’s a trade gurgling between the Mets and Mariners at the moment that seems to be closer to official with every update, in which Robinson Cano and closer Edwin Diaz would come to the NL East in exchange for Jay Bruce, Anthony Swarzak and prospects Jarred Kelenic, Justin Dunn, and Gerson Bautista, according to Ken Rosenthal, who calls the deal “pending.”

This, assuming it goes through, following moves by the Braves to acquire Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann on one-year deals, is going to make the Phillies’ off-season look even more glacial by comparison. It’s already [checks calendar] the end of November—only [checks MLB calendar] like a week until the Winter Meetings—and the Phillies haven’t fixed everything yet. Word out of Phillies HQ is “no words” because that place is sealed up like a safe room.

We’re all anxious for something to happen, but the truth is, there is still a lot of time, and it is very early, but the Phillies divisional rivals making moves to acquire recognizable names will do nothing to quell that anxiousness. The best we can do, for now, is feast on what little scraps we’ve been tossed by the rumor mill.

Which are:

The Phillies have been connected to Seattle’s offerings after whatever remains from the incomplete Mets deal. We mentioned the Phillies and Segura on Hittin’ Season this past week, and how marvelous it would be to see a .300 hitter in the middle of the Phillies batting order to knock a few of their runners in (Segura, 28, slashed .304/.341/.415 during ann all-star season in 2018). Segura would slot in at shortstop, signalling the fate of J.P. Crawford’s Phillies tenure, at least at that position, and bring up questions as to how intently the Phillies want to pursue Manny Machado, who doesn’t want to play third. He’s got a full no-trade clause he’d have to lift to get moved anywhere.

The Rockies don’t want to send Ian Desmond out to first base for another season, presumably, so they’re curious about Carlos Santana, the name that’s come up probably the most at this point in regards to outgoing Phillies players. It was Santana whose involvement broke up the theoretical Paul Goldschmidt deal with Arizona and it’s Santana who the Phillies were apparently “embarrassed” to deal after only a single season early in the off-season. But that hasn’t hushed the interest in him, and with Colorado’s fruitful farm system, Matt Klentak could probably find something he likes in exchange for his on-base machine.

And oh yeah, anybody still want Greinke? Well, he doesn’t want you.

That’s fine, Zach. That’s fine.