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Spring Training Game Thread: Phillies at Blue Jays


Philadelphia Phillies Photo Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Take a deep breath.

We made it.

Okay, not really. But for the first time in nearly five months, we’re going to see our favorite team play baseball.

It’s been a long slog of an offseason, but at least the Phillies signed Carlos Santana, who seems to be super fun and will be playing in today’s game! Right? Right?

Ahh, spring training. When the stars you want to see aren’t even in the lineup, or if they are, they don’t stay very long. But hey, we get to see Scott Kingery and Maikel Franco and at least six pitchers. That’s not nothing.

And in the end, it’s baseball. That’s what matters. Enjoy the game, friends. It’s the first of many.