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The Dirty Inning, Episode 22: Billy Southworth’s ladle of orangeade

Baseball Reference has unlocked a whole new wing of the Phillies Hall of Shame.

On September 2, 1925, the Phillies played the second game of a double header.

They didn’t play it well.

John McGraw’s Giants burned through the Phillies pitching staff like a 1920s industrial fire through a thread factory, hanging 24 runs on Philadelphia’s unremarkable hurlers.

Thanks to Baseball Reference, we now have access to countless innings, much further into Phillies history than we’ve ever gone or anyone should be allowed to go. So strap in with Justin and Trevor as The Dirty Inning travels back to the atrocity-rich year of 1925, the year Giants outfielder Billy Southworth sipped his last fateful ladle of orangeade in McGraw’s clubhouse...

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