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TGP Super Bowl Game Thread

We’re all brothers, here

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day.

I’ll never forget where I was when the Phillies were on the verge of victory 10 (!!!!!) years ago. The anticipation was huge, but it was made greater because we all had to wait two extra days to celebrate, but once it happened....whoa boy. I like to think that the excitement for this game is at least tenfold. If the Eagles win, this city will burn. And you know what?

We’ll all have earned it.

Whenever I write about the Phillies, I usually try to avoid the “we” and “I”, first-person stuff. Every now and then, I’ll lapse into it, but I actively try to avoid it to try and sound more partial about them. With the Eagles, it feels....different. This one just feels like the entire city has come together as a family.

And why not!

There is something on this team that everyone can enjoy. If you are a person looking for a player to cheer for because of their outspokenness of their faith, they’ve got them. If you are looking for player to cheer for because of their outspokenness in regards to social justice for all communities, they’ve got them. If you are looking for player to cheer for who are looking to make changes in the educational community, they’ve got them. This is a team that is very easy to root for. If victory for the Eagles is in the cards this evening, we as a fanbase will have earned the right to celebrate any way we choose (within legal limits, of course).

Enjoy yourself. Talk about the Phillies here in the comments, the game itself, the commercials, the Puppy Bowl - whatever. Just enjoy this evening, and if it happens, soak it all in.

p.s. Eagles will win, 27-16.