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The Dirty Inning, Episode 23: Cole story, bro

Cole Hamels? Good. The Dominican Republic national team? Also good. Surely, this 2013 spring training game would be a match-up for the ages. It was not.

Spring training: it comes every year. But unlike most holidays, it lasts for six weeks—an aspect that makes it more of a slog by the end, despite our initial joy at the return of baseball. Still, seeing the star players eventually emerge from the dugout to put in their pre-season reps is always a thrill, especially when that star is Cole Hamels.

By 2013, Hamels was one of the last few remaining core members of the 2007-11 teams. His presence was calming, soothing, and as we all knew, nearing its end. In his second spring training start, he faced, for some reason, the Dominican Republic national team, on its way to the World Baseball Classic. Shudder as Justin and Trevor relate the story of Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz, Carlos Santana and the gang taking a bat to Hamels’ spring development.

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