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Gamethread 3/21: Phillies at Blue Jays

Here for all your snowbound needs

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As I gaze out my window at the accumulating snow, I think about spring and how it came yesterday. I dream of today - IT’S ARRIETA DAY! Yes, the Phillies newest free agent acqu......wait, what?

He’s starting tomorrow?


Well, today we get to see the continued spring success of Nick Pivetta <stifles laughter>. Here are today’s lineups:

And for the Blue Jays:

I say that about Pivetta because I read all the time about how the team loves his stuff, how much spin he’s developing on his curveball.

Then I look at the results.

Of course, he’s still young, has lots of time to figure it out, but to me, he’s not ready. By his even being on the cusp of the major leagues full-time, the team has already won the Papelbon trade, but with everything I’ve read about him, color me underwhelmed thus far.

Anyway, since you can’t watch the game today or listen to it on the regular station, tune in to radio and give it a listen. As always, discuss the game or anything else you want in the comments below.