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2017 Over - Under Predictions Wrapup and Results

Every year, I tell myself I’ll get this done sooner and it always comes down to the wire.

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh Pirates Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Almost exactly a year ago, we launched the 2017 edition of The Good Phight’s annual over-under-never prediction contest. The season’s been over for a while, so, spoiler alert, some of us are better than others at this stuff.

First, some honorable mentions:

To Bud in TN, for, somehow, guessing that the Phillies would pack the turnstiles with more than 1.8 billion people this year.

To Wet Luzinski, for correctly pegging Giancarlo Stanton as the MVP; and to USSWasteland for doing likewise with Cody Bellinger as Rookie of the Year.

And to JP74100, for not only correctly identifying the April 6 Cincinnati game as the lowest single-game attendance mark of the year, but for fixing the actual attendance of the game within 300 people!

And on to the winners:

In third place, with 15 points, a whole bunch of people: ablesser88, Thatguy47 (hmmm emoji), Missing Jamie Moyer, USSWasteland, jkrisch, Phanatic88 and yolacracy. Well done!

In second place, with 16, coopster778!

And the overall winner, with 17 points, ShaneM! Congrats Shane.

The full results:

In the interest of full disclosure, I will note that some of the lower scoring people did not answer every prompt, missing out on some points.

In any event, the 2018 version will go live sometime very soon, so get your predictering hats lubed up!