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Gamethread 3/27: Pirates at Phillies

This long spring training comes to a close

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, we made it. The longest spring training that anyone has ever experienced has finally drawn to a close. Today marks the last spring training game for the team before they head to Atlanta to begin their march towards a Wild Card spot the season. Before they do so, we’ll get one more look at Jake Arrieta before he is diagnosed with something so he can start the season on the disabled list. He went two innings his last time out against the Tigers, so realistically, we can assume he’ll throw at least three innings, maybe four if he’s feeling frisky.

Here are your lineups for today. For the Pirates:

Pirates lineup

Name Position
Name Position
J. Harrison 2B
G. Polanco RF
S. Marte CF
J. Bell 1B
C. Dickerson LF
F. Cervelli C
C. Moran 3B
D. Freese DH
J. Mercer SS
J. Taillon (SP)

And for the Phillies:

Phillies lineup

Name Position
Name Position
C. Hernandez 2B
C. Santana 1B
O. Herrera CF
R. Hoskins LF
A. Altherr DH
M. Franco 3B
N. Williams RF
J. Alfaro C
J.P. Crawford SS
J. Arrieta (SP)

The game is being seen on NBCSports+ today, so sit back and enjoy your last glimpse of warmth and optimism that spring training gives us before we all succumb to the rollercoaster of emotions that is the regular season.

Also, don’t anyone get hurt. I mean it.