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What are your crazy predictions for the Phillies in 2018?

Let’s get nuts.

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, you saw that The Good Phight staff made some predictions on how they believe the season will end up. Prior to that, in keeping with the theme of the team this year, the hardworking John Stolnis wrote about his ten bold predictions for the upcoming season as well. These are always fun because it helps us keep up our enthusiasm for the season that is about to begin since the start of it has, lately at least, been the beginning of a slog towards the bottom of the division. Of course, if you can even keep up with the unbridled passion Chris Jones has exhibited in his predictions, well my friend, you are a true fan.

In keeping with this spirit, I am not going to ask you how you think this season will go, but instead, give me something a little more...different. I am looking not only for one prediction about 2018, but also for some of the craziest predictions you can think of for the season ahead. Sure, this has a very BGN feel to it, but hey - we’re all brethren here! Since things like “J.P. Crawford will be a 4 WAR player” are just so commonplace and boring, I want something that will make even the most optimistic fan raise an eyebrow. For example:

  • Pedro Florimon will be a 4 WAR player.
  • Gabe Kapler uses all nine relievers in a game before May.
  • Larry Bowa goes anonymously apoplectic about the different culture in the clubhouse.
  • The Phanatic impales fan with hot dog shot out of cannon.
  • Odubel Herrera ends a game on a walk off and does a bat flip so violently, it goes over the protective netting, injuring three including a small child.
  • In a Sunday broadcast, Mike Schmidt correctly uses wRC+ in context when describing how valuable Carlos Santana has been to the club.

These qualify as crazy because Florimon has yet to demonstrate that he is able to be this kind of player, yet there is a realm of possibility where it could happen. While Kapler does like his relievers, it’s doubtful even he would burn all those arms so early.

So, in the comments below, leave your craziest prediction for the upcoming year. If you so desire, leave one normal prediction and one off-the-wall prediction. See you on Thursday!