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Phillies at Braves lineup: Welcome to the bigs, Scott Kingery

The Phillies try to not screw things up so badly today with Scott Kingery making his major league debut.

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh Pirates Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last week, when no baseball had been played and we were all happy because Scott Kingery wanted to be a Phillie for the next six to nine years? If you’re still feeling bad about yesterday’s utter disaster of a game (or at least the last three innings), try to channel those memories.

This should help.

That’s today’s lineup, and our beautiful boy Scott Kingery is making his big league debut.

I also love the low-key shade from the Phillies own Twitter account. “It’s a new day.” The unspoken words there are “it’s a new day, and thank god because yesterday was pretty putrid.”

Like yesterday’s lineup, there are some questions. Odubel Herrera is in center, as he should have been yesterday. That pushes Aaron Altherr to left and Nick Williams to the bench. Cesar Hernandez is at second, which makes sense since he went 2-for-5 with a homer. Kingery is at third, but that means that Maikel Franco, who had no hits but two walks yesterday (yes, TWO!) is sitting.

I desperately don’t want to judge Gabe Kapler on his lineups. This is only the second one we’ve seen. But it’s not hard to see some of the problems coming down the line. Franco needs time to find his swing, if he’s ever going to find it. If Kapler’s going to yank him out of the lineup every other day, why are they even bothering to keep him on the roster? Because he doesn’t have a chance of figuring it out if he’s not playing consistently. Odubel Herrera needs actual playing time to get warmed up into the season, too. I can’t shake the feeling that this is putting some players in terrible, can’t-win positions.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. This is just game two. I’m projecting forward, worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. I need to remind myself to have an open mind. The Phillies and Matt Klentak have earned my trust, and I owe them, and Kapler, time to figure all of this out.

Or they could just trade someone and make everything a lot easier! But what do I know. Chat about today’s lineup below, and look out for our game thread just before tonight’s contest against the Braves.