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Game Thread 4/16: Phillies at Braves

We’re back to Aaron Nola as the rotation churns through another cycle.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a rotation like the Phillies’, in which there are two legitimate frontline starters in Jake Arrieta and Aaron Nola, the other spots are filled by question marks and developing stories. It can feel like jumping from stone to stone across a river, but with the way this team has been playing over its six game win streak, it seems like far less of the case. Nick Pivetta looked strong and promising in his last start, Vince Velasquez managed to throw 33 pitches in the first two innings but still lasted almost seven frames, and even Ben Lively got bailed out by his offense. Now, we’re back to Nola, as the Phillies were on opening day, and the team is back in Atlanta, as they were on opening day.

Hopefully, those are the sole narratives to repeat themselves.