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The Dirty Inning, Episode 26: Bump on the Noggin; Milo on the Bump

Sometimes the biggest contributions are doing nothing at all. But more often than not, they aren’t that.

In 1951, the Phillies weren’t the Whiz Kids anymore. I mean, they were them, just not the ones who the season before had advanced to the World Series. Aging reliever Milo Candini had won a single game for that team, which, along with cracking his head on the dugout roof at Ebbets Field, was among his biggest contributions to the pennant-winning team. Candini was back in ‘51, and called upon to clean up a mess left behind by the Phillies’ starter in a game on May 18 that was already 10-7 by the fourth inning.

Join Justin and Trevor as once more we join the Phillies, already in progress toward a devastating loss.