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Game Thread 4/26: Diamondbacks at Phillies

Another stupid Facebook game.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s game against the Diamondbacks is another stupid Facebook game. Another stupid, pointless, moronic, useless, frustrating Facebook game.



Ugh. Here’s the lineup.

Ben Lively is on the bump today, and hopefully Aaron Altherr continues is offensive tear. It’s been so fun to see him do better. I know it likely comes at the expense of more Nick Williams at-bats, but you’ve gotta ride the hot hand. And that’s what Altherr is. Or, uh, has. He isn’t a hot hand, he has a hot hand, he’s, uh... I’ve clearly gotten lost in the weeds here.

One good thing about today’s game: the Phillies are wearing those sweet, sweet throwbacks again. At least we can all get behind that, right?

Discuss the game in the comments below, and also discuss how much Facebook sucks.