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Odubel Herrera Made One of the Greatest Catches in Citizens Bank Park History


Everyone remembers Aaron Rowand’s face-busting catch in 2006, one so dangerous and cavalier and gung-ho that it physically injured Rowand to the point of leaving him cut and black-and-blue, breaking his nose and landing him on the disabled list. Even if you weren’t an active Phils fan then, you’ve probably seen the highlight. If not, well, enjoy:

Saturday night, Odubel Herrera made a catch that will place itself among Rowand’s ranks. It exceeds the catch he made against the Reds earlier this month, and will finish the season as a defensive play of the year finalist. Whatever they’re calling the award for that these days.


Odubel is making highlights on both sides of the ball so far this month, and his joyous moments are piling up.

Nick Pivetta certainly appreciated it!

Former Phils pitcher Paul Byrd, who works as a baseline analyst for the Braves, captured some of the ovation Odubel received after his snag.

It was, in a word, wonderful.