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Welp.... Braves 10, Phillies 1

<fart noise>

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

We’re trying, Vince. We’re really trying to believe that you have the stuff to be a starter in this league. I have been one of your biggest defenders. I’m constantly mocking those that want to shift you to the bullpen right now instead of waiting until Jerad Eickhoff is ready to return. I was READY to put your last start behind you, a blip on the radar.

And then this.

One pitch. It only took one pitch for the Phillies to be down in this game. Budding star Ronald Acuna followed that with a double and it looked for sure that Vince, my buddy, my friend, it looked like you were a goner. Then you magically wiggled your way out of that jam, only allowing that one run. In the second, it was a goose egg that you put up. I was happy. This team would score runs against Brandon McCarthy. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before his arm comes flying off toward the batter, right? He’s a walking emergency room co-pay.

Then the third inning happened. It went:

Pop up (stolen base)
Shallow fly ball
Single - two runs scored
Three run home run
Pop up

End of inning and, effectively, the game.

Velasquez turned in another poor effort, the offense was stymied by McCarthy and friends and now they finally stop playing the Braves. (On a side note, I think these Braves are for real and will be a threat both this year and in the near future.)

More efforts like this from Velasquez and they will have no choice but to remove him from the rotation. His only saving grace is that no one in AAA is really beating down the door to take his position, so my best guess would be that he sticks around every fifth day until the beginning of July. By that point, this team will know where it stands among the playoff contenders and will determine who to acquire to take Velasquez’s place in the rotation. Until then, better buckle up for more up and down starts from Velasquez.

And that this team starts hitting more consistently.

And that they don’t have to play the Braves any more. <looks at calendar for mid-May> DANG IT!