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The Dirty Inning, Episode 25: Rolen in the Deep

Scott Rolen returned to Philadelphia on April 3, 2006 for a home opener in which neither he nor his hitting prowess were welcome.

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We could’ve had it all

Rolling in the deep

You had my heart inside your hand

But you played it with a beating

With four simply lyrics, Adele sums up the relationship with her song, “Rolling in the Deep,” as was no doubt her intention. Sure, to make it more accurate she would need 44,000 people booing in the background, but I feel like she got there thematically.

Scott Rolen left the Phillies in 2002, after a tumultuous relationship with the team, the fans, and the city. He did not seem like he wanted to play here. But on April 3, 2006, he returned for an opening day game against his former team, and if he was at all rattled by the reception the fans in an infant Citizens Bank Park gave him, he didn’t show it. Join Justin and Trevor as they go back to this wondrous time, when baseball, once looked forward to, became the same old monotonous slog it always does; though never without gasps of hope: Just how you never know when a dirty inning can happen, you also never no when you’re watching the future find its legs.

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