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FanPost Friday: Do you believe?

Things are happening with this team. Which ones do you believe in? Which ones are bound to come back to Earth?

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As of right now, the Phillies are 22-15, a 12 game out of first place behind the just as surprising Braves. Pretty much everything that has had to go right for the team to be in this position has gone right. They are getting some clutch hits when they need them, the starting pitching has been much better than anyone could have expected and the relief corps, with a few hiccups along the way, has been outstanding. There are even some individual performances that have made fans take notice:

  • Odubel Herrera and his now 39 game on base streak
  • Maikel Franco hitting a cool .282/.315/.521 with a team leading 7 home runs and 28 RBI
  • Aaron Nola leading the pitching staff in nearly every important category
  • Jake Arrieta being exactly what the team hoped for when they signed him so late in free agency

But we wouldn’t be Philadelphia fans if there wasn’t a twinge of pessimism rooted in our observations of this team. There is always someone out there who will spout off reasons why Herrera’s hot streak isn’t sustainable and he’ll come crashing down hard soon. Or that Franco has never had a spurt like this in the past two seasons here and will likely also fall off a cliff in the near future.

So, for today’s FanPost Friday topic, I ask you: what about this team do you believe in? What, if anything, do you think is likely to come crashing back down to Earth soon?

As always, the one we believe is best will be posted up to the main site on Monday. Happy writing and go Phillies!