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Game Thread 5/11: Mets at Phillies

Prepare yourselves.

San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

I know the score. I know what’s what. I know that the Mets are like kryptonite to the Phillies.

So we should all prepare ourselves. For whatever could possibly happen. Birds in Mets uniforms could come down and carry Phillies players away. The Mets could throw a non-Johan Santana no-hitter. The Phillies could all quit and become accountants.

It’s the Mets. All bets are off.

One great thing: the Phillies have Jake Arrieta in their corner this time. Of course, he could somehow come down with a case of Balloon Head-itis and float away mid-game. But maybe that won’t happen! I think chances are good that won’t happen. Something else could, but probably not that.

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