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FanPost Friday: How confident are you in the Phillies’ playoff chances?

We’re past the quarter mark in the season and this team is actually good. Can they sustain it?

Philadelphia Phillies v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Don’t look now, fearless readers!

Your 2018 Philadelphia Phillies are in playoff contention!

Yes, I know it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too early to be speculating on their chances at the postseason, especially with 34 of the season still to be played yet. However, we all know the old adage about teams not knowing what they are until Memorial Day and <glances quickly at a calendar> would you look at that? Memorial Day is a mere 10 days away. So, why not start now!

If the season were to end today, the Phillies would hold one of the two wild card positions available. In fact, they’d even host the wild card game, something they would very much enjoy considering they are already 16-6 at Citizens Bank Park. We’ve past the point where people would shout “SMALL SAMPLE SIZE!” from the rooftops and finally acknowledge: this team is good. There are some obvious places that they can improve, but it seems that whatever they have going on right now points to them being a team that can stay in this race for the rest of season. Can things happen? Sure. There are always injuries, ineffectiveness, and the randomness that is baseball that the fans have to worry about. We’ve also seen them struggle against the “better” teams in the league so far, compiling their record against teams that are actually quite bad. But they’re wins nonetheless and this team is, record wise, one of the best in the league.

With all that in mind, I ask this: what are your feelings about this team’s chances to stay in the playoff race all the way through to the end? Do you forsee a continuation of their winning ways, riding the probability that someone on offense has to get hot in order to support the pitching? Do you think a crash and burn is around the corner, especially with this stretch of games they have coming?

Head over to the FanPost section and write your opinion. If we see one we like, we’ll throw it up on the main page for all to see.