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Struggle: Phillies 6, Marlins 0

It wasn’t easy, but the Phillies won.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

A win. Finally a win. The Phillies snapped a four-game losing streak on Wednesday night with a 6-0 victory over the Marlins, and thank the ever loving lord for that.

The game started great for the Phillies, because Cesar Hernandez led off with a home run. In the top of the second, a terrible throw from Marlins starter Jose Urena gave the Phillies their second run of the game.

That’s essentially where the action stopped, until the later innings at least. After scoring runs in the first and second, innings three through seven were full of frustrating blown chances and no run scoring. In the eighth inning, the Phillies finally broke through. Aaron Altherr singled, and was scored on a Maikel Franco double. And then Franco scored on a Pedro Florimon groundout. In the ninth, three straight singles from Cesar, Rhys Hoskins, and Odubel Herrera scored the fifth run of the game, and a sac fly from Altherr scored the sixth and final run.

And this was pretty nifty.

The Phillies have gotten really good at replay review. They’ve had calls go their way eight of nine times this season, and it’s really great to finally know the name of the guy responsible for the Phillies’ replay: Kevin Camiscioli. Congratulations, Kevin! You’re great! (Not so fast, Kevin Jordan. You don’t get a congratulations until you learn how to sound even mildly interested in the game happening on the field.)

Aaron Nola, though, was brilliant. He pitched 7.1 innings and allowed just four hits and one walk. He struck out seven. It’s so hard to talk about good pitching, especially because Nola makes it all look so easy, so routine. He’s effortless and incredible, and watching him pitch is a complete delight. He never gets flustered, he’s always calm and collected on the mound. Actually, his attitude and demeanor on the mound reminds me of Roy Halladay a bit. Maybe that’s just because I still miss Roy so much, but I think there’s a little of him in how Nola carries himself while he’s pitching.

But the theme of tonight was struggle. Throughout most of the game, the Phillies offense struggled. They struggled to get on base, and they struggled to get on base when there were other runners on base. They were 1-for-8 with men in scoring position, and left eight men on base. It’s a miracle they won. But most of all, Rhys Hoskins struggled in general. Before his hit in the ninth inning, he had struck out in every other at-bat of the game, four in total. That’s what we call the golden sombrero. It was the first four-strikeout game of his career. At least he redeemed it with a hit to end the game, but woof. Hoskins needs a day off, and I mean more than Thursday’s off day. He needs a real rest, at least a day, if not two. Get Nick Williams some playing time, and take a little pressure off Rhys.

Alternately, Rhys hit a very important milestone with his first four strikeout game.

I love this take so much.

But that’s a little depressing, so I’ll close with this: Odubel Herrera has reached base safely in 32 straight games. Suck it, haters.