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Seems like old times: Phillies 4, Braves 0

The Phillies pulled out a vintage win.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Every now and then, the Phillies pull off a win that feels like it’s from that great 2007-2011 run. The Phillies’ 4-0 win over the Braves on Wednesday night felt just like that. Everyone was working together and everyone contributed. It was a true team win.

The pitching was more than great. Jake Arrieta went 6.2 innings and struck out seven. He gave up seven hits and a walk, so it wasn’t a walk in the park, but he fought and won and allowed zero runs. He was followed by Seranthony Dominguez, who continues to be just about untouchable. He got four outs, and his season stats are fabulously impressive.

Hector Neris closed it out but allowed a hit, but it wouldn’t be a Neris save without an unreasonable amount of nervousness.

One more thing about the pitching staff this series.

Hell yeah.

The hits were spread far and wide. Every position player had at least one, with the exception of Aaron Altherr and Scott Kingery, who had zero. Rhys Hoskins had a single and a walk, and is hopefully coming around. Odubel Herrera got a hit and was on base yet again. Carlos Santana got two hits and his average is finally up over .200. Nick Williams knocked a pinch hit double and brought in a run. His pinch hitting stats are excellent.

Now let’s talk about Jorge Alfaro. He has been on fire with is defense lately, and this game was no exception. In the seventh inning, he caught Ender Inciarte stealing. And holy crap, his arm. HIS ARM.

I mean good lord.

Then Alfaro hit a one-out single in the bottom of the eighth, and when Ronald Acuna improbably caught a Kingery liner on the next at-bat, Alfaro was over at third and had to hustle all the way back. He made it safely back to first, and thankfully he wasn’t too winded. Because when Williams doubled, he ran from first to home and scored. And he didn’t just run. He flew.

The Phillies are trying like hell to keep up with the Braves, and they’re doing it. It hasn’t been easy, and it won’t get any easier from here, but we know they’ll never give up. These Phillies are something special.