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Game Thread 5/25: Blue Jays at Phillies

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Who’s excited to watch AL pitchers try to bat?

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I love interleague play. And ones where the American League team comes to the National League stadium are my favorites. Because watching AL pitchers who never hit try to figure out what to do with a bat is the BEST. And when an AL reliever has to bat because the manager runs out of position players on the bench? I love it so much.

That’s why I love that the two leagues have different rules. Even though I’m a fan of the designated hitter, it’s so great when AL teams have to play by NL rules. NL rules are so much tougher, and require managers to have more strategy. Oh, and they also require pitchers to be responsible for their own at-bats. No ringers in the NL, fools!

Enough bloviating about the DH. Onto the lineup!

Every time I see Zach Eflin is starting, I wonder “is this the start when 2017 Zach Eflin comes back?” I hope 2018 Eflin keeps fighting off 2017 Eflin, because 2017 Eflin suuuuuuucked.

Also, enjoy that photo of Odubel Herrera and his dreads. Apparently he’s decided to make a hairstyle change.


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