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2018 Phillies Draft Preview: Jonathan India, 3B

2017 Division I Men's College World Series - Florida v LSU - Game 2 Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Phillies rumors have settled solidly on Alec Bohm. In the interest of getting in a few other previews in the event they’re playing a high stakes bluff I’m tackling some quick summaries of other players likely to go top 10, but with less breakdown and analysis.

Jonathan India is a 21 year old, 6’1” 185 lb, right handed hitting infielder. No player’s stock has risen as much this year as India’s. Last Fall India was in the 2nd/3rd round discussion after a mediocre Sophomore season. India has played around the diamond a bit with most of his work coming at 3rd base, but also with significant time at 2nd and a few innings here and there at Short. India does not have a Shortstop arm or range, but for a few emergency innings he could probably pull it off. His pro career will most likely be at 3rd.

The obvious comparisons will certainly be to Bohm, so I’ll frame it that way, while trying to be fair. On Defense India is probably a 55 Defender and Bohm is 50 grade. Bohm’s arm is probably 55, while India’s in 50. On Running, India is certainly faster. Most reports I’ve seen have India a grade 55 runner and Bohm as a grade 45-50 runner. Hit tool is where things get interesting. I’ve seen scouting reports for Bohm ranging from a 45 hit tool all the way up to 55, while India’s report are pretty consistently 55. I also trust India’s a little more because Florida faces every top pitcher in the NCAA on a pretty day in, day out basis, while Wichita State faces a slightly less impressive roster of competition. That said, India’s K rate is roughly double Bohm’s this season and it has been markedly higher all 3 years. Power is pretty cleanly in Bohm’s favor as scouts have generally had it in the 60-70 range. Prior to this season India’s power was in the 45 range; this year he has raked, but scouting reports still peg it as a 50 tool.

My biggest red flag with India is that he has just this one year of First Round worthy performance. His BABiP is over .400 and his HR/FB is triple his first 2 years. That could be the result of legitimate improvement (and Kiley McDaniel did note that he is in better shape this year), or it could be luck-fueled. Bohm has been a pretty consistent performer all 3 years of College and has one Plus tool. India has just the one year and no plus tools. None of that is to suggest I don’t like India as a prospect, but if you gave me an either/or between them, I’d rather take Bohm.