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The Dirty Inning, Episode 28: A day at the Beech

Have you ever considered what TWO dirty innings in a single day would do to your mind? Let’s find out.

Matt Beech

The sizzling meat logs. The cold brews. The day-night double-headers. The perplexing inaccuracies of the 1997 Phillies. Memorial Day 1997 was a curious time, as the Reds and Phillies squared off in a largely unwatched contest at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. And then, when the dust cleared on a bad-looking Phillies loss, they decided to come back out and lose again.

Justin and Trevor commemorate the Memorial Day holiday with a trip back to visit the late-’90s Phillies, a team that trotted out ineffective starting pitchers about as often as the offense put up a scoreless 1-2-3 inning. Join game one starter Mark Leiter, game two starter Matt Beech, Rex Hudler, Rico Brogna, and the gang for a twin killing you’ve almost certainly chosen specifically not to remember.

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