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Aaron Nola is everything: Phillies 4, Giants 2


San Francisco Giants  v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Come here.


No, closer. Come right over here. Good, now are you listening?

::whips out bullhorn:: AARON NOLA IS AN ACE.

Let me say it even louder.

Aaron Nola is an ace

If anyone else tells you otherwise, they’re just flat out wrong and/or lying to you. The Phillies beat the Giants 4-2, and Nola was the bright shining star of this game.

Nola was masterful

Let’s start with the basics. Nola pitched seven innings of five-hit, one run ball. He threw 109 pitches. He struck out a career-high 12 batters. He was precise, he was in control, and he walked not a single batter. Watching him pitch was absolutely thrilling.

Now let’s really dive in.

I like all of those things. Nola’s ERA is down to 2.05, by the way.

Aaron Nola owned the world

Larry Anderson knows what he’s talking about. Aaron Nola owned the whole world on Tuesday night.

And look at this

My knees are wobbly.

The bullpen didn’t blow it

I’m not saying that the bullpen would have blown it, or even that it was likely, but the memory of Sunday is still so, so fresh. And to be fair, Edubray Ramos, who came into the game in the eighth inning, gave up the game’s second run. And even worse: it was a homer hit by Pablo Sandoval, who against all odds is still in baseball and is hitting .255. But after that, things settled down. After two outs, Ramos was replaced by Tommy Hunter. He got an out in the eighth and one in the ninth, and then Hector Neris came in. It’s okay, though! He was great! He struck out both batters he faced to save the game.

Other stuff happened, too

It’s true, this game wasn’t just Aaron Nola being amazing for seven innings and the bullpen. The Phillies hit three home runs tonight. Jorge Alfaro hit an absolute bomb that went 475 feet.

I’m pretty sure he’s the starting catcher now. Right? Oh, and speaking of smashed, check out this dinger from Aaron Altherr.

I’m afraid to dig up a video of Carlos Santana’s homer. I’m afraid if I shed more light on it, the hitting might stop. He had two hard-hit balls before that home run, so I hope that’s a good sign.

Obligatory Odubel Herrera update

He went 2-for-4. He’s hitting .346. He continues to be amazing, and I love him without reservation.

We’re seeing the Good Phillies right now, and holy crap is it fun.