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FanPost Friday: Create your ideal trade scenario

With the team solidly in contention, what would be your idea to bolster the team?

San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies
One of the better trade deadline acquisitions...
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Guess what!

The Phillies have a shot at the playoffs! Yes, it’s totally true. The team has been in playoff contention since the beginning of the season and if they continue to navigate this gauntlet of a schedule and keep their head above water, they might be buyers when the calendar changes to July. This means that they will probably be looking for ways to make the team better from the outside rather than rely on reinforcements from the farm system. This, of course, means trading for that upgrade.

This is where you, the reader, come in. For this week’s topic, I ask: what is your ideal trade the Phillies should make? Now, one thing I am asking for is that this trade be realistic. In other words, if you even utter the words “Mike” and “Trout” in the same sentence, I will see to it that you are banned forever from talking baseball because of this simple fact:




There is no point in even entertaining the notion because it won’t happen, so don’t bother. Anything else is on the table. You want the team to get Manny Machado? Fine. What are you giving up?

I’ll start with this. Me, personally, the guy I want the team to go after most of all is Zach Britton. The bullpen has been a mess lately, with Seranthony Dominguez being one of, if not the only, reliable arm Gabe Kapler can call upon. Adding Britton would help to solidify this bullpen if he is able to show he is healthy for the next few weeks. The question then becomes, what do you trade for him? He’s on a one year deal, he’s been hurt and hasn’t accumulated a lot of innings lately. The team would not be able to offer a qualifying offer since he’s traded midseason, so any future assets they are trading, they are not going to recoup at the trade deadline. Admittedly, it’s not the most ideal of situations, but offering something low risk from Single-A seems about right. It’s all about striking the right balance of not trading something you really value versus giving up something that would cause the Orioles to strike an accord.

At most, the player I’d be willing to give up is something in the vein of Connor Seabold. Seabold projects as a back end rotation piece with perhaps something a little more because of his impeccable control. He’s not going to blow people away, but he should be able to stick in the rotation. With the team controlling a lot of these types of arms, giving him up wouldn’t cause too much damage to the system while adding a piece that could help the big league club right now. If the Orioles wanted something more, perhaps I’d throw a wild card arm in there somewhere, or a toolsy shortstop that doesn’t have much power, but that’s about it for all of the above reasons.

So, head on over to the FanPosts section and put on your Klentak Kap (patent pending). We’ll choose the best submission to post on the big site. Good luck and good writing!