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Game Thread 6/15: Phillies at Brewers

Again? Yes, again.

Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Facing the Brewers last weekend was a traumatic experience. They scored 24 runs in 2 games while the Phillies scored seven. It was brutal. It was unpleasant. And guess what? WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN THIS WEEK WOOOOOO!!!!!

What happened last weekend can’t happen again, right? Right? They can’t do that again. The Phillies can’t let that happen again. They just can’t. Why? For reasons. Many, many reasons. Least of all my freaking sanity. I have to recap all three games this weekend, and if they do that again, at least one of those recaps will be a picture of a pile of poop or maybe a flaming garbage fire and like five words. That’s it.

So who will be playing for my sanity tonight? Let’s take a look at the lineup.

Yesterday’s game was encouraging for several reasons. One, Odubel Herrera had two hits. Two, Rhys Hoskins had three hits. And three, J.P. Crawford had a hit and a walk. For my money, those three are the most important players in any given lineup. Getting them hot is — or even just consistently productive at some level — is vital to the team’s success.

So go out and get ‘em, boys.

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