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Game Thread 6/19: Cardinals at Phillies

The thrill of victory, the agony of victory.

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Last night was a helluva win, wasn’t it? It felt so good when it happened, mostly because the previous 30 or so minutes were absolute AGONY. It was so terrible, watching the win get away from the Phillies like that. I was a puddle of anger.

But the Phillies won and that’s what matters, even though that terrible 30 or so minutes also matter.

Nick Williams is understandably not in the lineup today. He broke his nose, but doesn’t seem to have a concussion (though he’s going through tests) and the Phillies expect him to avoid the disabled list. Considering he took a baseball off his freaking nose, that’s pretty incredible.

Can the Phillies make it four wins in a row? The answer awaits.

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