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Game Thread 6/20: Cardinals at Phillies

At least last night is a memory.

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Last night, at the end of that horrendous game, I wrote a recap with the title “I hate baseball.” 15 or so hours later, in the light of day, I can say that I no longer hate baseball.

I just hate the Cardinals. And the Phillies bullpen. That’s fine, right? That’s not too much hate. That’s an adequate, appropriate amount of hate!

Let’s take a look at this lineup. THIS LINEUP OF HATRED just kidding it’s a regular lineup.

Well okay then. That right there is Nick Williams, back in the Phillies lineup just two days after breaking his nose on a rebounding ball! Will he be wearing a Rhys Hoskins style double-flap helmet? Or some kind of special nose guard that looks like a beak? I’m in either way.

Don’t lose this game, Phillies. Please.

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