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Game Thread 6/28: Nationals at Phillies

Oh good, the Nationals again.

New York Yankees v Philadelphia Phillies
oh thank god we won
Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Ugh, the Nationals. The Phillies were so close to sweeping them, and then on a national stage they couldn’t get it done. But that’s okay! It’s a brand new series, the slate is wiped clean, and they can try again.

And this time, they get to start it all with those sweet, sweet throwback uniforms.

I do wish they had photos of the players in their powder blues to use in their lineups, but I understand that’s a lot to ask. I just love them! They are so, so much better than anything the Phillies currently wear. And I’m even including the red pinstripes, which is a decent look.

I’m sorry, I’m being told that this is a baseball blog and not a baseball fashion blog. CAN’T IT BE BOTH!?!?

Anyway, it’s Aaron Nola day. Let’s hope we see a classic Aaron Nola start!

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